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A hub for cultivating growth and change

We help Create a workplace where challenging qualities are handled constructively and dynamically to achieve business results with human fulfillment.

Going through any of our experiential program leaders will develop skills to live “inside out”. The experience includes understanding the mechanics of the mind, through understanding the neuroscience of the brain.

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6 February 2021 – 17 April 2021

The Artists Way Virtual Event


Rita Ranchod


what we do!

The transformation we provide is in business for leadership to grow sustainably with renewed capabilities to leverage potential of individuals and teams in organizations to accelerate high performance.

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Women in the workplace are beginning to play a crucial role in shaping and shifting business paradigms. With celebration of the efforts of our foremothers who marched and raised their voices to achieve these gains.

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Teams become toxic and exhausted when they experience frustrations and fail to deliver on agreed outcomes. There are many reasons: lack of direction, lack of trust, lack of team alignment, some team members being more resilient than others, 

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Mindfulness training is a complete, 8-session process, where we introduce both the theory and the practice of mindfulness to your team. The training is science-based: it is based on scientific insights and claims are backed-up by research and references.

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Misaligned teams, distrust, lack of clear direction, failure to encourage and utilize diverse thinking, silo thinking, to name a few are some of the myriads of challenges experienced by leadership at all levels.

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This lone cyprus tree is a testament to hardiness. It has withstood Pacific storms and winds for roughly 250 years.  

How do you withstand storms and winds in your context and build resilience?

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Traditionally coaching was been reserved for Executives and high potential individuals Today more and more organizations are realizing the powerful impact of having leaders grow and lead with a coaches being and mindset.

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client testimonials


manuel green

“Wow! That is basically how I can some up the leadership programme I took with Leadership Café. Once again THANK YOU!! ”


melissa parker

– Art Director

“ I signed up for the Advancing Woman in Leadership. Since I finished the program I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my company. ”


lebohang dlamini

“ Since I did my leadership coaching through LeadershipCafe I never looked back, set my eyes to the future and have a new confidence in my stride. Thank you Leadership Cafe! The investment in my future is priceless ”

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