what is leadershipcafé

a hub for cultivating growth and change

We help Create a workplace where challenging qualities are handled constructively and dynamically to achieve business results with human fulfillment.

Going through any of our experiential program leaders will develop skills to live “inside out”. The experience includes understanding the mechanics of the mind, through understanding the neurocscience of the brain.

We coach and facilitate quality and excellence in leadership. We bring robustness and harmonious balance to leadership practices through a fusion of business with neuroscience, coaching and mentoring skills, collaborative engagements, social and emotional intelligence, mindful practices and energy creation techniques.

Our programs integrate wisdom of the East and West, offering disciplines of mastering the mind which are essential for strengthening leadership resilience and effectiveness in managing complexities of volatile, uncertain and ambiguous demands in today’s world.

The programs are designed to enable participants with tools and techniques  to shape enhanced mindsets for renewed behaviors.

The practical tools in the programs help leaders to anticipate, understand, and accept change and thrive in a fast moving business environment.

The programs engage leaders

  • Emotionally
  • Align them intellectually
  • Reinforce new behaviours and processes
  • Globally adaptive leadership for the 21stCentury
  • Women to illuminate their voices from within
  • Coaching to meet important strategic challenges across organizations
  • Transformational dialogue to address key challenges
  • Leaders to lead with collaborative, emotional and social intelligence


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