Traditionally coaching was been reserved for Executives and high potential individuals Today more and more organizations are realizing the powerful impact of having leaders grow and lead with a coaches being and mindset.

The common challenge faced in organizations is resistance to coaching. Leaders and mangers confuse just in time on the job Training, management and consulting within their teams with coaching.

The perception is that coaching will take up more time considering their already full schedules. Leaders are of the opinion that they are working twice as hard, because their teams fail to deliver. The Coaching Leader skills program will assist leaders to develop an inclusive mindset and skills to elicit potential  within their teams.

 The internal Coaching Leader program is  designed to grow leadership at all levels with key coaching skills. This experiential program based on Neuroscience of Leadership enables a transformational coaching mindset in leadership and the culture of the organization to achieve key results.

The Coaching Leaders Program is a two day workshop where coaching models, self awareness tools and coaching templates are shared with participant leaders to enable them to empower themselves and their teams.

We also design custom internal coaching processes that matches your company’s culture and values so that organizations can drive a coaching culture supporting high performance. The program is designed by experts with knowledge and application of Neuroscience of Leadership in the workplace. The Neuroleadership coaching model will give each manager or leader a powerful conversation structure to coach his or her team with the ability to share ownership and accountability, utilize and retain talent within their teams

Getting Started

#INDIVIDUAL COACHING PACKAGE (Optional Online coaching)

What’s Included in the Program:

Features Jump Start Total Results Platinum Executive
Number of sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions 12 sessions
Preparation on Tool
Recording of Insights of sessions
Access to coach between sessions
Private Client Portal
Additional Resources
Money Back Guarantee
Customized Assessment