leading with agile teams

Teams become toxic and exhausted when they experience frustrations and fail to deliver on agreed outcomes. There are many reasons: lack of direction, lack of trust, lack of team alignment, some team members being more resilient than others, expectations are not met, fear of losing control – dissatisfaction becomes evident, talent leaves the team resulting in impact on the wider system within the organization.

Through our team coaching interventions, we build on utilization of collective intelligence existing within the team. During the sessions we explore the inbuilt dynamics and functioning of the relationship the exist within the team. Individuals with inherent potential interact with others, working on generating resources and understanding, releasing creative energy. The shift is from “I” to “WE”, empowering the team to move forward to renewal and away from individual agendas and stresses. 

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#INDIVIDUAL COACHING PACKAGE (Optional Online coaching)

What’s Included in the Program:

Features Jump Start Total Results Platinum Executive
Number of sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions 12 sessions
Preparation on Tool
Recording of Insights of sessions
Access to coach between sessions
Private Client Portal
Additional Resources
Money Back Guarantee
Customized Assessment