This lone cyprus tree is a testament to hardiness. It has withstood Pacific storms and winds for roughly 250 years.  

How do you withstand storms and winds in your context and build resilience?

When there is any form of adversity, with limited resilience, negative emotions arise, sending the brain into a fight-flight response, which results in narrow focus reduced productivity, feeling of stuckness and minimal coping

We all have different thresholds for change and readiness, some have a higher personal resilience, others have a low personal resilience. We have a specific mindset, a plan of expectations, but when a Plan does not materialise as intended, being resilient enable a quick recovery to find an option – Plan B. We need to build the capacity to persevere.

This program is designed around a series of focused exercises which guide the participant through the process of applying tried and tested resilience-building techniques to their own individual context.

Our 5 Sheaths Resilience model educates, empowers and inspires individuals to discover and maximise their own levels of resilience. Each Sheath is aligned to the advantage of the elements of the earth. Participants will gain a unique insight into the 5 key sources of resilience (the pillars) with tools and techniques to build and sustain a resilient core, with the ability of bouncing forward, to emerge with greater strength and deeper meaning.

What are the benefits:

  • Increased self awareness : Who Am I
  • Enhanced sense of personal power
  • Greater Resilience in challenging times
  • Improved impact on key relationships
  • Enhanced capacity for scanning the environment
  • Living with Mindfulness
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Agile improved mindsets
  • Self control
  • Self Compassion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress management
  • A personal Unique brand
  • A personalized leadership manifesto
  • Development of action plans for further growth
  • Better ability to focus on priorities
We offer:

One Day Skills Training workshop
Three Day Skills Training Workshop:
(Accompanied with One-on-One Coaching and Group Coaching session)

#INDIVIDUAL COACHING PACKAGE (Optional Online coaching)

What’s Included in the Program:

Features Jump Start Total Results Platinum Executive
Number of sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions 12 sessions
Preparation on Tool
Recording of Insights of sessions
Access to coach between sessions
Private Client Portal
Additional Resources
Money Back Guarantee
Customized Assessment

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