Unveiling sheaths of consciousness

EMPOWEREACH Group Coaching:

Embark on a transformative journey with EMPOWEREACH, a program meticulously crafted to elevate women within your organization. Titled "Unveiling Sheaths of Consciousness," this initiative addresses the critical leadership gap, recognizing that women occupy only 29% of senior management roles globally. More than a diversity endeavor, this is a strategic business move, as diverse leadership fosters innovative, empathetic, and comprehensive decision-making, essential for organizational growth and resilience.

Why Choose EMPOWEREACH for Your Business?

EMPOWEREACH is not just about addressing the leadership gap; it's about harnessing the rich potential of your female workforce, contributing to diverse perspectives that drive business growth. Organizations with diverse leadership report 19% higher revenue due to innovation, making this a compelling business case for diversity.


Amplify Brilliance with Key Benefits:

  1. Cultivate a Strong Leadership Presence: Enhance your visibility and impact as a leader.
  2. Enhance Decision-Making Skills: Merge ancient and modern wisdom for well-rounded and strategic decision-making.
  3. Build Resilience and Flexibility: Adapt and thrive in dynamic leadership roles.
  4. Improve Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Foster effective collaboration and team synergy.
  5. Achieve Personal and Professional Fulfillment: Align your career trajectory with your personal aspirations.


Program Details:

  • Five Sheaths of Consciousness: Delve into the five layers of human existence, from the physical to the spiritual, and master each aspect to enhance your leadership capabilities.
  • Ancient Wisdom Techniques: Leverage time-tested wisdom, integrated with contemporary neuroscience practices for a balanced and impactful leadership approach.
  • Cutting-Edge Neuroscience: Harness the latest neuroscientific research to understand and enhance cognitive functions crucial for effective leadership.

Download the brochure here.