individual leadership coaching

Misaligned teams, distrust, lack of clear direction, failure to encourage and utilize diverse thinking, silo thinking, to name a few are some of the myriad of  challenges experienced by leadership at all levels.

Organizations are struggling with leaders who are incapable of managing teams and utilizing potential of individuals within the team to improve performance.  These Leaders operate as managers with limited leadership  capabilities, compromising on real talent available in their  team.

The individual coaching program is designed for leaders to shift their behaviors by shaping their inner states. Based on Neuroscience of leadership, research has shown that brain neuroplasticity enables creation of new neural pathways for renewed thinking, insights and perspectives. The lens of leadership changes once there are new insights, the self gets transformed  with an enhanced perspective of dealing with the self and managing others.

Personal and professional success = Better business Impact + Better results

Your Investment Packages

Jump Start Package – 6 sessions
Total Results Package – 9 sessions
Signature executive Platinum Package – 12 sessions

#Individual Coaching Package (Option of online coaching)

What’s included in the Program:

Features Jump Start Total Results Platinum Executive
Number of sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions 12 sessions
Preparation Tool
Recording of Insights of sessions
Access to coach between sessions
Private Client Portal
Additional Resources
Money Back Guarantee
Customized Assessment

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