In 2018 the world economic forum created an interest in collaboration for “creating a shared future in a fractured world”. A dialogue session was planned, bringing together industry and organizational development experts.

The invitation with a mandate was to deliberate on reshaping leadership thinking in the 21st Century. Masters with passion and knowledge of Global leadership and transformation arrived at the café, a hotspot for the best freshly ground coffee grown on the foothills of the mountains in Kenya.

The Space,The place! Refreshing and natural. Painted murals on the wall showcased the picking, shelling, and fire-roasting of the coffee bean .

Boldly inscribed on the centre wall was: “There’s nothing better than getting your coffee fresh from the source.”

Whilst engaged in dialogue, rich aromas permeated the café space, allowing for vibrant conversations.

So perfect! a metaphor for the fresh blend of diverse leadership wisdom, collaborating to craft a compelling global future by re-engineering the leadership formula. Focus was established on transcending leadership practices to manage the viral spread of digital technology and its and impact on business, society and government for  what is now the 4th Industrial Revolution(FIR).

What mental model would we need to be Authentic leaders? asked a curious learning content designer

“Leadership with conscience confidence, steeped in soulfully serving humanity” replied an industry expert. Adding to this sentiment, “a conscious mindset, with a strong inner core to leverage and navigate the “fire roasting” that will occur as these innovative technologies become embedded in our lives”, said another.

The Masters at #cafe foreseeing the catastrophic effect of the lack of relevant leadership competencies, committed to code authentic Leadership Solutions.

This first #Leadership collaboration, resulted in a commitment to design leadership solutions with integration of Neuroscience, philosophy of ancient wisdom of the east and west with the art and science of Business Leadership.

#LeadershipCafe became the Place and Space for crafting real leadership solutions

We invite you to:
Learn Leadership,
Leverage Leadership,
Leave a Leadership Legacy!

On our wall at #LeadershipCafe, you will find the inscription:
Step out of the history that is holding you back.
Step into the new story you are willing to
create. – Oprah Winfrey