#LeaderAsCoach Masterclass Workshop


Date:  25th and 26th May 2018
Duration: 2 Days
Venue: 65 Sunny Road, Lakefield, Benoni, 1501
Times : 9:00am – 4:00pm

Refreshments and meals will be provided.



Are you a leader or a manager of an organization or a team, asking yourself,

“How can I be a Great Leader, who is personally inspired, with extreme resilience to cope with changes in this fast-paced world?”

“How can I improve my leadership competencies and resilience to elicit the highest potential of my team or workforce?”

“How can I lead my team to be a resilient, self-organizing team, where there is accountability, ownership, creativity and innovation to problem solve?”

Besides just the above questions, there are perhaps other leadership realities you might be facing, making it stressful and difficult to find happiness and fulfillment in daily living and business performance.

Join us for a masterclass designed specifically to assist leaders and managers to :

  • Develop a resilient inner core by learning and applying techniques of the mind to play the game of life with leadership grace and happiness.
  • Determine the impact of their current leadership style and its impact on organizations and or teams they lead.
  • Understand the science of the brain and its neuropasticity to enable rewiring your brain to replace old unproductive habits with new sustainable enhancing behaviors.
  • Learn to manage emotions through tapping into the part brain which controls your state and emotions.
  • Learn key coaching competencies to enable you to communicate with power, and structure your conversations for productive business outcomes.
  • Become a Leader with extreme resilience to navigate your team through tough challenges.
  • Receive a free coaching session after attending the masterclass to develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Practice skills in a safe space until ready to GO-LIVE.


Participants will receive:

  • A Learner guide with course content.
  • A template for an Individual leadership development plan
  • A template for a coaching logbook
  • Post training shadowing in the workplace with feedback to determine return on value (ROV)

This Masterclass is facilitated by Rita Ranchod:
Meet the the facilitator: (Please include my profile)

For personalized attention and maximum results, this program is limited to 12 participants per intake.

This Masterclass is benchmarked against real needs of leaders in global organizations and small to medium business enterprises (SMME’s).

Register and pay before 31st March 2018 to be in a draw for one our free gifts:

  1. An Apollo office chair
  2. 3 X Free 1 Hour Intelligent Leader Coaching sessions
  3. Kiddies desk and chair
  4. Option B: By Sheryl Sandberg ( Paperback)


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