Shapers And Shifters – Advancing Women in the Workplace


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
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Venue: 65 Sunny Road, Lakefield, Benoni, 1501
Date: 27-28 March 2018


Women in the workplace are beginning to play a crucial role in shaping and shifting business paradigms. With celebration of the efforts of our foremothers who marched and raised their voices to achieve these gains, women still need to claim their power, see that their advice and expertise is valued and respected, address and conquer internal barriers, and work with other women and men.

The research is clear: Diverse organizations have greater profits and larger market share. However, only 11% of organizations report that they have an inclusive culture.

-Bersin by Deloitte

Lack of inclusion and unconscious bias means that women are less likely to have the powerful relationships (e.g., mentors and sponsors) and access to resources they need to succeed – and less likely to be represented in leadership.

Thus, Women in the workplace must become resilient, they must able to confidently face challenges, embrace change and recover from disappointments and defeats. Being resilient doesn’t mean never experiencing stress or pain, it’s about our ability to cope with emotional upheavals.

                                                  Women are #Rising, despite biases that work against them.

#Your Invitation


What we present is a powerful contribution toward advancing women at your organization. We have designed this intervention to ensure that your organization get both the value of the program, as well as get insight into how the process may benefit your strategy broadly.

Our approach is designed to ensure that there is opportunity for women to grow with gravitas, confidence and resilience. Through extensive research, and exploring a  series of case studies, practices and experiments, our researchers and program developers have ensured adoption and resultant strategic value for potential to transform the business culture. For women who want to create more success, fulfillment or options, the program leverages the female mindset bringing unique value to personal and professional success.

We can arrange for in-house training for groups of 15 – 20 participants.

We are looking forward to engaging with towards shaping your journey to advance women in your organization.

With kind regards,
Rita Ranchod
Director | #LeadershipCafe

Director | #LeadershipCafe


The program draws on the latest research, thinking and tools to enable women to become catalysts for their own personal goals and professional success. Based on sound principles of neuroscience the program supports women to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the female mindset.

Shapers and Shifters: Developing Extreme Resilience in the Workplace

The purpose of the workshop is aimed at empowering Woman to become more resilient in the various fields, roles, and positions that they are in.


This program is designed to help elevate the impact of women leaders, enabling them to navigate the landscape, leverage and develop talents, build on their feminine brand and step into roles of greater influence.

During the workshops and group coaching sessions participants will:

  1. Learn the art of exploring the authentic self
  2. Master the art of communication with power
  3. Engage and explore with their unique feminine brand
  4. Tap into their female leadership style
  5. Design and visual thinking skills for Innovation and Creativity

Learn to play the game of life – a game where no one needs to lose.

Understand how your mind works.
Learn sustainable strategies enabling you to improve your resilience and performance.
Equip yourself with the resources to design your own plan to get  physically and mentally healthier and develop your resilience.


Who should Attend:

Women in leadership positions, Supervisors, Individual contributors, Emerging women leaders

Shapers and Shifters is an experiential training program that enables participants to master the competencies of professional resilience, even during times of tremendous internal and external change. Participants learn to assess their own individual resilience by looking at the components that support or detract from resilience using Neuroscience of leadership.

Working from a platform of resilience, participants learn to become change agents and agile leaders within their own organizations. Using skills, tools and experiential self-reflective exercises participants learn to manage themselves, scan their environment, prepare for anticipated change, influence others, and contribute to a positive corporate culture

  • Increased self awareness : Who Am I
  • Enhanced sense of personal power
  • Greater Resilience in challenging times
  • Improved impact on key relationships
  • Enhanced capacity for scanning the environment
  • Living with Mindfulness
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Agile improved mindsets
  • Self control
  • A personal Unique brand
  • A feminine leadership style
  • Development of action plans for further growth
  • Better ability to focus on priorities

The Journey

# Shapers and Shifters Developing Extreme Resilience in the Workplace

  1. Needs Analysis + Assessment
  2. In Person Training 2 Days
  3. Individual Self Reflection and Journaling
  4. 1 x Individual Coaching Sessions
  5. Return on  value Feedback

#The Investment

 – Two day workshop + 1 x Individual Coaching Session



Individual Coaching Packages:
Shapers and Shifters: Developing Extreme Resilience in the Workplace
Jump Start Package X 6 Sessions
Total Results X 9  Sessions
Platinum Executive Package X 12 Sessions


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