Rita Ranchod Coach and Trainer




Rita has 17 years of Educational experience and 9 years in the people development field in the corporate world. She integrates the full people development spectrum, which includes strategic alignment and design of all people development projects, processes and initiatives. She   consults, designs, coaches, facilitates and sets up core people development processes which embed organizational values and culture.

Rita has a Social Science degree, an Honors degree in Educational Psychology, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. She is an accredited ICF Results and Meta Coach, with specific integration of Neuroscience and NLP in her practice and design of leadership development programs and in her coaching practice. Rita is an accredited TLCP (The Leadership Circle Profile™) consultant. She is also a certified Multipliers Workshop Leader, Coach and Keynote speaker with The Wiseman Group. As an accredited Results System’s Team Coach, she facilitates teams to work together in more responsive and collaborative ways to impact and improve business performance.

Prior to starting up #LeadershipCafé, Rita held positions where she provided leadership facilitation, coaching and consulting at Sasol. Her experience at Sasol, a Global Competitor in the Petro-Chemical Industry has given her the edge as a forerunner in the people development field. Her specialized organizational development, learning, coaching and facilitation skills enable her to hone in on the competitive advantage of Leadership Development for the 21st Century.

Her particular area of interest is Advancing Women in Leadership. She brings fortitude to illumine entrepreneurial and ‘Intrepreneurial’ energy’ for women to access their inner voices.  Rita has designed the “Shapers and Shifters – advancing women in leadership” program which integrates skills from    Neuroscience, Coaching and Mentoring, Energy Creation, Communication, Art, Health Sciences, Finance, using   Soulful   Teachings of Light on Life by BKS Avenger, for brilliant women to live inside out. Rita’s experience has thought her that women need to give attention and work with the SELF: Search Inside Yourself (SIY). The experience of attending the Shapers and Shifter eliminates self-doubt, tames the inner critique and limiting beliefs.

Rita combines philosophy and practices from both the East and West, building   on    self-esteem and   confidence    with    practices of mindfulness, energy creation, Emotional and collaborative Intelligence.

Rita also Coaches Executives, Leaders and Managers, Women in Leadership and Millennials entering the workplace to become the best they can be.

She uses a candid coaching style, an entrepreneurial attitude, a creativeness and generosity of spirit which challenges and supports leadership to grow and develop, positively influencing their life, work and the quality of their relationships. Her talent for listening and supporting diverse clients is balanced with her ability to stretch them, hold them accountable and to successfully empower them to achieve exceptional results.

Rita has the expertise and knowledge of measuring Return on Value (ROV) of Coaching on Business Performance, using cutting edge data collection and survey techniques.

Values and ethics

Value for the inherent “BRILLIANCE” of each human being

Hobbies and interests

Mastering the technique and art of Yoga – Cycling – Mountain and road biking

Travelling and experiencing Global cultures – Classical music – Reading – Spirituality

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself”

Galileo Galilee