Creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes – Peter Koestenbaum

About the Workshop

The pandemic has created an unprecedented disruption of humanity.
Uncertainty and unknown unknowns are impacting women who already were burdened with
age old effects of gender disparity.
This workshop is designed to support women to start practicing the art of creative living.

No matter what your age or life path, a professional, an artist, a mom, an author, the content and practices
are aimed for you to become more creatively engaged knowing your true nature.

You will be creating and strengthening pathways in your consciousness to connect with your unique purpose,
the one you came into this world to fulfil. you will learn to recruit your deepest energies and strengthen your resolve to
meet any challenge this blueprint is Guaranteed to expand your prosperity with joyful wisdom

Discover your path to higher creativity!

Saturday Mornings

9:30am -10:15am

Session 1 – 6 Feb 2021 – Recreating a sense of safety

Session 2 – 13 Feb 2021 – Recreating a sense of identity

Session 3 – 20 Feb 2021 – Recreating a sense of power

Session 4 – 27 Feb 2021 – Recreating a sense of integrity

Session 5 – 6 mar 2021 – Recreating a sense of possibility and abundance

Session 6 – 13 Mar 2021 – Recreating a sense of connection

Session 7 – 20 Mar 2021 – Recreating a sense of strength

Session 8 – 27 Mar 2021 – Recreating a sense of compassion and self-protection

Session 9 – 10 Apr 2021 – Recreating a sense of autonomy

Session 10 – 17 Apr 2021 – Recreating a sense of faith


Weekly handout and journal

Registration Process

Registrations for the program starts on 26 January 2021.

To secure your place on this virtual programme, you’ll need to complete your registration and make payment

If you have any questions about the programme content, the personalised online learning experience,
or anything else, E -mail or request a call to speak to

Rita Ranchod


Call: 0837331965.

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Limited Intake – 15 Participants Only

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